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Year 6 Writers' Blog

Take a look at some of our writing. We were rewriting the narrative from our class key text

'StormBreaker' by Anthony Horowitz



Eventually, Alex arrived at the J.B Strikers junkyard, but when his eyes swivelled this way and that, he almost wanted to turn around and run back home as fast as his legs could carry him. The boy was surrounded by: cars stacked high in tottering piles which could fall any second like a game of jenga; odd bits and bobs laying helplessly on the ground, and a crane picking up old vehicles with no effort, like an enormous hand grabbing whatever it could get its’ grasp on. The unpleasant, acrid, bitter stench of diesel crawled into Alex’s nostrils.

Out of the corner of his eye, Alex saw something that made him stop. He thought he saw a strangely familiar BMW. It couldn’t be… could it? As he edged closer and closer to the crumpled, rusty, useless car, he saw dents: not any ordinary dents – bullet holes.

All of Alex’s blood drained from his face; his skin tone was the colour of paper. Suddenly, the junkyard began to spin, the boy’s heart pounded like a drum, his hands felt clammy and a bead of sweat dripped from his forehead. Had he discovered the truth? Is this what really happened? The perfectly round holes were tiny, but they left an enormous hole in Alex’s life.

“Psst…” a voice from the shadows whispered.

“Psst…!” it whispered again.

Alex immediately whipped his head around to see a small, dark figure lurking behind a colossal wall of tyres. Cautiously, he took a step closer to see a girl (of about his age) approach him. She had long, blonde, matted hair with confusing, complicated tangles and knots as well as and scuffed sneakers – that were once white – with holes so huge that her toes slid through them easily. The girl’s shirt was stained with so much grime and dirt that it would take several washes to cleanse it, and even then mud–marks would still be found.

“I am here to help you, Alex.” she said, tossing back her bird’s nest-like hair. Slightly alarmed, Alex stumbled backwards “H…how do you know my name?”

“None of your business, nosy.” she replied carelessly.

Alex ignored her painful statement and carried on as if nothing had happened.

“So… you’re meant to help me?” he asked.

“I would if you stop asking me questions.” she retorted.

The girl led Alex through a maze of junk which took them to a dark, foreboding, derelict shed. Her bright, blue eyes gazed into his “Don’t judge, okay?” she said, her lips wobbled.

Inside the shelter, Alex could see that the girl lived here, there was a small stack of wood, probably to keep warm, and a worn, thin blanket for a bed. The musty air choked and suffocated Alex until he staggered outside to inhale cleaner oxygen. Whilst Alex was gasping for breath he stopped.

“IT HAS TO BE GONE BY TODAY !!” a man shrieked at the top of his lungs.

“Yes sir. Sorry, sir.” another man mumbled.

‘What are they talking about?’ Alex thought.

“Hey, Alex! Come over here.” The girl said, as quietly as she could,” I’m going to provide a distraction for you to escape this infernal place, don’t protest, just run and don’t look back!”

“I…I can’t!” Alex cried, though his conscience knew it was his only option if he wanted to stay alive.

“To late.” the girl responded.

She leapt out of the shed and charged straight towards the men “RUN!!!”  she screamed. Alex ran as fast as he could to the exit out of the junkyard.


The boy froze.

A scream echoed throughout the air.

Silence was all to be heard.       


Stormbreaker by Alice 

It seemed like a year had passed when Alex arrived at J.B Stryker’s. Regretfully, he looked around the scrapyard and wished he hadn’t bothered coming. Towering around Alex in unorganised stacks were: miscellaneous car doors with fractured windows; flakes of metal that littered the ground; and perilous machinery that brought cars to their grave, scrunching them like discarded pieces of scrap paper. The acrid, bitter smell of diesel with a strong aftertaste twisted through the air greeting Alex as he held his breath and squeezed through the rusty gate. 

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a small, silver car with a spotless, black roof. Grinning, he ran towards it. He would find out that the seatbelt was broken then cycle back to Jack. Suddenly, Alex stepped back, away from the car. The smooth surface of the car became rough under his fingers.

Like bullet holes.

His mouth fell into an ‘o’ shape. Utterly traumatized, there was only one thing he could think to do. Alex pulled the seatbelt. It was fine. The police had lied. His uncle- Ian Rider had been shot.

Out of nowhere, Alex heard footsteps and darkness appeared. A menacing voice whispered, “You made a big mistake coming here, Alex. Petrified, he craned his neck round to look at the tall figure stood behind him. Alex’s eyes bulged as he consumed what lay before him. The mysterious figure had short, dead-straight hair with a matching outfit. Staring straight at Alex were her soul-les, snake-like eyes. 

“I have been sent by the MI9 to bring you to them,” she announced, showing no emotion, “Dead or alive. “

“Y.. you can’t do this to me!” stuttered Alex desperately, getting ready to run.

“Is that so?” asked the MI9 agent, “The only way out is round that pile of cars and I will not let you get there.”

And that was all it took.

Before he was even conscious of it, Alex found himself bolting round the pile of cars. He quickly became suspicious. If she was so eager to get him, why had she given him the way out? As he ran beyond the wall, Alex was hit by a hailstorm of reality. Of course she hadn’t given him the way out.

It was a dead end.

Alex almost fainted when he saw what had appeared behind him. Following Alex through the mist was a rusty, petrifying, imposing crane with a ravenous claw. An evil voice cackled, “Any last words, Rider before I knock the pile of cars on you?” Alex was willing to accept his fate. He reached into his pocket in silence. Ian had given Alex a small tin that he could use in only an ‘emergency’. Before he died, Alex wanted to see what was inside the tin box.  In his palm lay a round ball. Alex had no clue what it was. It had a label saying ‘shock bomb’. Suddenly, a brainwave rippled throughout Alex’s head. “You will NEVER defeat the Riders!” Alex screamed at the top of his lungs.

“What the...?” the girl cried, her head swivelling round. Using every ounce of strength left in him, Alex through the explosive at her. The crane went swinging at full speed and with maximum momentum towards her.

He heard a scream. Then silence.


Stormbreaker-The Junkyard  By Gabi 

Eventually, Alex entered J.B Stryker’s junkyard. However, he suddenly regretted coming. All around him lay disfigured cars that were covered by scraps of old, rusty metal and heavy machinery that was attempting to lift the ragdoll-like vehicles. The awful, bitter smell of diesel with the ability to make your eyes water wafted through the air.

In the distance, Alex spotted an oddly familiar BMW. Was it the precious car of his uncle Ian? After swiftly wiping his arm in his forehead, he sprinted towards the car. Alex inspected the vehicle closely and noticed small, round holes that seemed to have concealed the car. could the truth be unravelling before his eyes? Beyond the shattered window, lay vile, jagged bullets splattered with blood. A shiver ran down his spine. His heart skipped a beat.

“Murdered!?” thought Alex.

He felt his knees give way.

This couldn’t be true … yet… it seemed it was the only option.

Suddenly, Alex felt a mysterious shadow loom over him. “Do not move or you will never be able to do it again,” the voice echoed through the junkyard. Alex clenched his fists and steadily turned his head to face the man. Before him stood a sly, well-built man (that looked about the age of thirty) with thin, slick, shiny hair that was gelled down as is it was glued. He had snake-like eyes and was wearing an expensive tuxedo.

“Wh…who are you?” he stammered while a shiver jolted through his body. Fear folded over Alex.

“I know who you are, I knew your uncle,” he replied in a half cackle. What he had just said jolted Alex.

“What!” cried Alex, “He never mentioned you… he… never mentioned anyone.” Alex was simply bewildered.

“Ha ha ha,” he chuckled.” In fact, I knew him so well that I was the last thing he saw before he died,” he whispered menacingly

Alex froze on the spot, he gasped.

Could this be true?

Was he the man who killed his uncle?

The man took Alex’s shock as an advantage and cackled “You will die the same way as him, Alex Rider, you will perish like the rest of your useless little family!”

Tears flowed from Alex’s eyes at the thought of his uncle and the rest of his family, “No!” he yelled at the top of his voice. The man’s deathly laugh sounded through the junkyard once again, he brought out a gun from inside his jacket.

Before Alex could attempt to escape, a blizzard of bullets surrounded him.

“Arrrrhhh!!!” he screamed as a bullet skimmed his ear. He started running faster than the wind towards the entrance of the junkyard. he had to doge millions of bullets before finally bursting open the gate. Even though he was out of the scrapyard, he was sprinting faster than ever.

He could hear a faint sound of bullets and a furious voice, ”Oi! Come back here”



Out of breath, Alex finally arrived back at home. He couldn’t believe he had survived.

It was just then that Alex noticed how puzzling the recent events had been.

Almost unbelievable…

But not quite impossible. 



Eventually, Alex arrived at J.B Strikers, however looking around he almost regretted coming. There before him lay: cars, shattered and isolated left to their own devices; old metal scraps that surrounded the ground; and heavy machinery that lifted the cars like flimsy rag doll. The awful, bitter smell of diesel with a deathly after taste consumed the air like a ravenous animal. Letting out a deep breath of acidious chemicals, Alex swiftly budged through the weathered, rusty gate and entered the scrapyard. 

From a distance, Alex could just about make out a familiar BMW. Had he just uncovered a life-changing truth? Furtively, Alex strolled across the unwanted, decilate place. Intensly breathing in the coldness, he tried to figure out what was actually happening in his head. Eavesdropping around the scrapyard, two men quietly making comprehension went their different ways. Alex ran behind the cars that lay near. He then realised he was behind the BMW. Black holes solidly implanted into the metal began to question Alex. Rooted to the spot, Alex’s face began to grow extremely pale. The perfectly  round holes were tiny yet they left a giant black hole in Alex’s life. Surely, it wasn’t true. I mean that definitely couldn’t have happened. He had just found out that his uncle had been murdered. . .

From close up, Alex felt a presence behind him. “If you move, you will be sorry.” Alex quivered and a shock ran down his spine. Gulping, apprehension rose within him. Alex craned his neck round to see a menacing smile wiped across the evil Lady’s sly face. She started to loom over him like a friend but with a horrible look on her face. The Lady, with a twinkle in her eyes like a fringe. She had a blood-red scar that ran the length of her face, inprinted into her scaly skin.

“What do you want?” Alex asked impatiently  rooted to the spot. Alex, whilst clenching his fists, tried to stand strong. However inside he was as scared as a mouse.

“Even though you may not know me, I know who you are and I knew your Uncle Ian.” replied  the woman smugly with an innocent look.

“Who are you and how do you know my Uncle Ian?” Alex asked suspiciously. Sweat began to trickle down Alex’s forehead and he knew he couldn’t trust this women but he was reluctant to.

The woman, who’s snake-like eyes gave a deadly stare, began to stroll towards him.

“I’m a very trustworthy person and I knew your Uncle like a brother. I was the last person to see him before his tragic event.” The woman had such a guiltless face that Alex nearly believed every word she said. As she carried on sauntering towards Alex, he noticed himself being concealed between the four walls that were getting closer together.

“Get away from me, I’m not looking for you. I’m not going to trust you either. I don’t have to do anything you say.” Yelled Alex with a lump in his throat. Heat rose up in his body and he felt a million knots bind around his stone-cold heart.

“I knew you were going to feel like this, Just like your Uncle said before he died-stubborn.” cackled the evil woman with a deceiving stare. “Did you know the great things about cranes is that they have a remote just for. . .”

“Just for what?” shouted Alex suddenly feeling no fear.

“Killing you!!” she replied with a grim grin wiped across her face. The razor-sharp like claw pelted down from the smoke-filled sky. Before Alex could even run, the mighty claw grabbed him like a ravenous animal devouring its prey.

Echoes of laughter surrounded the scrapyard like wild fire spreading immensely. Alex’s head began to burn and grow into a blazing blood-red colour. His heart began to shatter into a million pieces. Was this the end of the Rider’s legacy? Surely not. Tears began to stroll down Alex’s face. A crunch suddenly sounded.

People began to laugh.

Then a scream.

Then silence. . .                                                   


Stormbreaker   By Hollie 

At last, Alex arrived at J.B Strykers. However, he almost regretted coming. Scanning his eyes around the scrapyard, Alex could see laid before him: cars, disfigured and unrepairable; car scraps, that coated the floor; and machinery that flung vehicles like they were lifeless humans. The awful, bitter smell of diesel, with an acrid aftertaste, wafted through the poisoned air: his eyes gushed with water as the diesel infected them. Alex’s stomach tied in knots as he squeezed through the gaps.

He noticed a car, which was strangely familiar. His eyes were blinded by the shiny surface. This car caught his eyes for a different reason. It couldn’t be! It couldn’t be his uncles (Ian Rider) car could it? Alex curiously walked up to the car to take a closer inspection. The car was covered in piercing, repellent perilous bullets with a killer’s instinct, which shielded the car with its permanent wholes of terror. The toxic, flammable chemicals with a deathly stench, suffocated the car. Alex was speechless. His uncle had supposedly died in a car crash. Although, Alex had now uncovered the truth. His uncle had been Shot! Killed! Murdered…

All of a sudden, a presence approached Alex. “If you make any sort of movement, you might never see daylight ever again!” the figure yelled with a deep gravelly voice. Alex’s hands became clammy. His whole body was sweating. He could feel the tension rising. “W-w-who are you?” his voice trembled and shivers ran down his spine. Slowly, Alex pivoted around, there stood a built up girl. She exclaimed, “Why are you here, what are you doing?” Gradually, she traced towards Alex. He threatened to run but suddenly realised he was cornered. Bashed up cars towered above him. The girl was finally clear enough to see. She had: long, brown, thick hair; a deep blood-curdling scar that dripped down the side of her face; shorts, the length of her knees and a ripped top from fighting. “I’m here to find out the truth about my uncle,” Alex stated. “Well…. If you want to find out the truth, then follow me!” she said sweetly completely changing her mood. Alex was hesitant to follow her yet, he had fell into her trap and wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Alex was lead to a group of muscular, robust, towering men with muscles the size of cantaloupes, lined up staring at Alex as he passed by. Alex felt his stomach tie up in knots and sweat dripped from his face, “I thought we were escaping not showing me something!” Suddenly, the girl cackled as she pulled out what looked like a remote (from her pocket). “Just you wait,” she exclaimed,” Watch this!”

“Are you ready for this plan to get us all out of here?”

“I guess I am…” Alex gulped as a ball of shivers ran down his spine. BAM!!

Alex felt himself thud to the ground. “Ahhhh!” screamed Alex hysterically. The last thing he heard was…


Then laughing,

And then silence.


Stormbreaker Story - By Youngin 

After some time, Alex had cycled and stopped at the front of J.B Stryker’s scrapyard. Its first impression was unpleasant. At every angle he looked there were: old, stacked cars with shattered glass and hissing engines; old, rusting metal scraps scattered and littered the ground; and heavy, vicious machines devouring cars creaked at every movement. A mix of petrol and diesel with an acrid stench, wafted in the sky seeping into Alex’s nose making tears roll off his face. He hesitated while his spine shivered. And then paced slowly past the doors into the dump.

Leaning on cars to avoid being seen, then, suddenly, with eagle eye sight, he saw a strangely familiar BMW. He observed it closely. Is was his uncle’s. He knew by its number plate(RID3R). He crept up to get a closer look. On its shiny surface, jagged holes were spread across the door. He felt the cold surface with his hand. He could see it. A mysterious, hooded person with a deadly machine gun pelting the door with wave after wave of bullets as Ian jerked around in his seat, frantically as blood drained from his body. But why? Why kill a bank manager? What did he do wrong? Most importantly, who killed him?

Suddenly, Alex felt an evil presence fall upon him. “Hello old ‘friend’,” the man said sarcastically, “Don’t move or else, BOOM!” His voice made Alex’s spine shiver like he was in a pool full of ice cubes. Rooted to the spot, Alex forced his head around to see who was there. There before him, was a very brawny man with dark shades and a deadly scar that ran down his face. On his belt, he saw: ‘MI8’. ‘What’s that?’ Alex thought. “Who are you?” yelled Alex demandingly. The man just cackled “Hahaha!” he had an extremely deep voice. “the names: Yassen Gregorovich or agent 007 to my spy group. And don’t even think about spreading the word …oh wait, you can’t!” he cackled again and reached into his belt and got a pistol. BANG! BANG! BANG! But Alex was too quick. With cat-like speed, he dodged the bullets as they hit the car. Then, with determination, he leapt like a kangaroo and seized the man.

With a twinkle in his eye 007 grabbed Alex, “ha ha ha got you!”                                                            

“What the ... ?” shouted Alex. But it was too late, with warthog strength, Alex was thrown into the car and then, with the crane was shoved into the lethal crusher. “Good bye Rider!” he cackled as a smirk crept on his face.  “This is not the last time you will see me.”                                                                                                               

“Oh it will be!” Alex couldn’t do anything, one false move and it was over.

Then in a blink of an eye, the dash board turned on. Alex saw a button: emergency evacuation. He pressed it and suddenly got flung into the air and shouted “Take that!” as he did the most lethal karate move (ushiro-geri). One blow and he fell to the ground.




Eventually, Alex had arrived at J.B Stryker’s scrapyard, however upon closer inspection he regretted coming. Scanning, around him lay: cars, with shards scattered across the dirty floor; old metal scraps that were piled upon each other; and heavy machinery, that moved cars like shaky ragdolls. The awful bitter smell of diesel with a smoky aftertaste invaded the air like an army.

Although Alex’s eyes were streaming from the sharp scent in the air, he spotted a strangely familiar BMW. Could it be? After a few seconds searching his mind from where he had seen it from, he realised it was Ian’s car! The police must have been telling the truth! This was broken when he saw the side… He rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming but it was true. Razor-sharp bullet holes were engraved into the once shiny, silver door. Sweat covered his face as he fell down onto the floor with his hands in his eyes. It felt as if whatever had shot Ian, also shot him.

Suddenly, Alex felt a shadow tower over him. “If you want to stay alive, follow me!” Alex turned around face to face with a man. He had slick dark- brown hair and a blood-red scar slashed across his right eye. A burn was imprinted on his left cheek and he wore a grey leather trench coat that went down onto his pitch-black trousers. On the coat was a gun holster that contained a powerful revolver that could kill an evil beast in just one of its shots. “Umm……who are you?” questioned Alex intimidated by his glare.

“I will tell you later, that is not important but your life is!” replied the man. He stated to run up to a pile of cars as Alex followed. Alex peered over and saw a man in his 30s stacking up metal. Alex knew he worked there so he had to avoid being seen. “Listen on my command move over there.” said the man, “3…2…1……GO!!” The man shot over to the corner. Alex started to get to him when he slipped on some petrol leaking from a red diesel can. The worker looked over and shouted “OI YOU what are you doing here!?” Alex’s heart stopped. If he got caught, then he could get into major trouble. The stranger ran over to the worker and hit him right in the jaw, picked up a metal rod and smashed it into his chest. “OH MY GOSH!!!” screamed Alex amazed and scared at what he had just done.                                                      “Listen up kid. I’m Ian’s friend.” announced the man.

The man grabbed a chain and stealthily locked the gate. “Go!” he yelled “you should really get going.”

As Alex turned to get back, the man reached for his pistol. Aimed…BANG!! He missed! Alex faced the man to see him pointing a gun at him. “now tell me. WHERE DO YOU LIVE?” yelled the man not joking at all. “I will shoot so tell me. where…is…Ian’s…ROOM!!!!!!!!” Alex was now in front of the barrel. If he moved, he would be slaughtered and it would be the end of the Rider legacy. Alex begged, “Please! Don’t shoot me. Wait what is that?” The man spun his head…POWWW!! Alex hit him in the face…But he got up!

The man ran to the gate. Grabbed the chain, and wrapped be the end of the lined it around Alex making him in a very unconfutable position. “Now you see this, if I detonate this it will be the end of the line. I’m not Ian’s friend I killed him,” Said the man.                                                                                                        “No NOOOOO!!” wept Alex knowing that this monster had killed his only relative. His only friend. He felt something poking at his leg when the man was searching for any clues to where Ian’s room was. It was…A PEN! Wait a pen? As Alex wriggled it turned on. ZZZZzzzzzZZZ. The pen was a lazar! If he could shoot it, it could break the chain. “Too late. Thanks for the lazar and another clue,” cackled the man. He grabbed it and put it in his pocket. Pulled out a gun. Put it against Alex’s head. Threw a grenade. And pulled the trigger.


Alex Rider by Destini 

Out of nowhere, a warm breath ran down Alex’s neck, then a formal but shrieky voice that rang throw Alex’s ear, ‘’Hello you, you look exactly like him. He was a good man wasn’t he?’’ As she chuckled,

‘’Who?’’ Alex turned around slowly , a breeze brushed past him. There , lurking, was a girl with silky black hair and scar all over her face. She was wearing pitch – black clothes. As he saw her Alex knew that she was no good. His heart dropped from his chest as he clenched his soft but sweaty hands. Now, face to face, she started chuckling then mumbled under her breath

‘’you shouldn’t have come here Alex.’’ As she glared at his sapphire-blue eyes with fear and shock, that when she replied, ‘’Why are you fearful of me?’’   

‘’Because my uncle never mention you and he never had any friends?’’ As Alex tried to make a run for it he tripped over a metal pieces. She picked up meatal scraps a through  it at  him a meatal scrap slash him across the face, he fell to the with a thud………. A deaf defying screech ran throw the junk yard. Alex felt like he wanted to die.


Alex Rider By Mihir 

After minutes of extreme biking, Alex finally made it to J.B Strykers junkyard. In his view stood: cars being crushed to the size of paper; old metal scraps of once new shiny cars; and diesel. Diesel polluted like water rushing down a mountain. With eyes like an eagle, he slid across to the metal carcasses of the cars and climbed it like a monkey. Then…he saw it.


A BMW. Ian Rider’s BMW. Alex ran close (quietly, of course). The windows were shattered. The seats were stained. Worst of all, sharp, perilous bullets with a destructive centre scattered the door of the driver’s seat. It was terrifying. ‘’Was he… No… He was murdered.’’ At that moment he knew that they lied. A decrepit, rusty car with deflated tyres had just been grabbed like a moth in a lamp. Alex climbed to smell diesel. It looked like it came from the trunk. A can of diesel was found with something very strange. A gun… The stain on the seat was blood. The bullets in the car had not only taken Ian’s life away… but it took Alex’s soul aswell.


Suddenly, Alex felt a pair of eyes staring at him. ‘‘Hello there.’’ Said a voice. Alex clenched his fists and craned his neck to see who it was. A boy, his age, perched on the wall next to his bike. ‘’ What do you want?’’ Alex groaned. ‘’ I’ve already had a bad day!’’

‘’Let’s just say,’’ he pulled out a gun. ‘’I want you, Alex Rider!’’

BOOM! A bullet missed Alex’s head. He ran behind the car to hide.

‘The gun!’  Alex thought. The other guy (Maxt) jumped down from the wall and ran behind a towering pile of cars. Alex, on the other hand, was struggling to get to the gun.

Boom. Another shot…Thud…’’ Help m- ‘’ A man groaned before dying.

With lots of relief, Alex grasped the cold, metal surface of the gun. Just then, he remembered that he had matches and there was diesel. Fire spreads with diesel! 

Boom! ‘’Aaahh!’’  Screamed a voice. Thud.

He grabbed the diesel and spread it across the BMW. With still some diesel left, he spread it on the bottom of the two cranes. Then, he took the match box from his pocket. Three matches were left and were just enough.

First match…Lit. FWOOSH! The BMW was smoking now. Alex ran to hide. The cars on top of each other also caught fire as the proximity was close. The damp, Metal covered ground had been destroyed, only to have meteor-like craters. ’Maxt should be in one of those cranes in a minute or two.’’ Just then, he saw Maxt climb up into one of the cranes. ‘’ Fire time’’ Whispered Alex in a malicious way. Speedily, Alex stealthily ran to the crane that Maxt was in. With lots of carefulness, he lit a match. If you listened closely to the flames, you could hear it whisper’’ I’m here to!’’ 

‘’AAAAAHHHH’’ Maxt screamed. He fell and fell. 


Wires spurt out, cogwheels rolled about.

‘’Good job for winning.’’ Said Maxt’’


Alex Rider By Krystal 

Suddenly, Alex felt a cold pressure behind him. ‘’Don’t move a little bit or else that will be your thing you would do.’’ Alex was freezing to death, he stood and didn’t do a thing. Alex had a cold and shocked down his spine. He had goose bumps Alex craned his neck to the left hand side, and couldn’t figure who it she was.

‘’Who are you?’’ Alex was out of breath.

‘’What do you want from me? ’there was silence.

Alex voice echo around the whole scrapyard. Stood before him he recognises she was at the funeral, Alex thought that she could be helping me. She was staring at me thinking what to do.

‘’What are you doing here?’’

‘’Why?’’ What do you want from me?’’

’’I thought you would be an easy target than your dad’’ she yelled.

Alex crunched his knuckle and wanted to face to face [battle]as she seemed like she wanted to.

‘’Why are you here?’’ What are you doing?’’

Alex thought in his head would this really be my last time doing anything?

Your just like I thought you would be –stubborn

The look in the boy eyes made it watery and also upset.

‘’Aw stop crying little boy’’

‘’what do you mean’’?

Alex thought everything was true that she said to him. Alex felt a vibration in his pocket He quickly pulled out whatever was vibration When he pulled out the vibration

‘’It’s my uncle…’’


‘’UMM nothing ‘’Maybe we should just forget about what I said’’


‘’Or could I’’

Alex aimed at her and pressed the dead button red


She didn’t know what was happening she look

‘’What’s wrong Alex ….’’

‘’  She got worried and suspicious’’

she stood there knowing nothing or what’s happening


‘’AHHH ‘’

There was scream.

Then there was deathly silence.



Stormbreaker story By Dorina 

As Alex arrived at J.B. strykers, he almost regretted coming. Infront of him lay, cars with no hope of life! On the ground were metal scraps lay on the dirty, dusty and damp ground and then in a quick manner, a huge metal monster swung a car around making a tiny tornado. Suddenly, an awful, bitter smell arrived at his nose, making his eyes feel like crying and in the end they did. He struggled to see so he brushed his arm across his face. After he had no choice but to enter the disarray of the junk yard.

Once Alex entered, he started to look around. There were old, boring and gloomy cars with only a drop of excitement. After a while of searching he found himself spotting a rather familiar BMW… he was hesitant to get a closer look at first but knew he had to. The once perfectly shiny, smooth and light side of the car was now filled with small, round and blood filled holes, with a lingering look witch made a deep understanding to Alex that his uncle didn’t die in a car crash but was murdered.

 “No it can’t be, can it? No but yes!?” The thoughts of it made Alex’s blood disappeared with fright. When he stopped panicking finely, he had no breath left and his throat was so dry it felt like it didn’t even exist. 

While Alex examined the BMW further, a girl appeared from out of nowhere. Alex was spooked as a result, he started to attack. But to his surprise, the only the girl just flickered, “Who are you and how are you invincible?” To Alex’s surprise, the only voice other than his, came not from the girl he saw but from someone behind him,

“I’m no threat…” said the person in a quiet tune. Soon after, a beautiful figure arose from behind a car,

“W-wa why are you no threat?” Asked Alex. The girl didn’t answer. Alex looked at her even more and noticed that there was purple at the end of her beautiful golden brown hair, because Alex was extremely interested in her, he kept staring at her and finding out that she had a robot arm.

“Listen you’re not safe here, you have to do as I say or you might not make it out here alive…look at my badge do you recognise it?” Asked the girl showing her badge to Alex, “No…” the girl was surprised but grabbed Alex’s arm but, before she could do anything, there were two familiar voices coming.

“The men… from the funeral…”

“What?” Asked the girl dragging Alex to the BMW, “I must get you to safety.” She

Whispered. “Ok,” she commanded, “when I say now you have to run. I will meet you

Infront of the junk yard, ok?!...” Alex nodded to the plan.

“Wait before you go, what’s your name?”

“Sebrina…” said the girl quickly.

As Alex nervously hid waiting for the signal, Sebrina edged closer until she was ready to

drop the gadget, once she did she ran. Then she said “NOW!!!” While using her robot to

grapple all the way next to Alex. Mean-while, the two men were chasing the illusion of

Sebrina, they could hear the men screaming,

 “Stop whoever you are!” When Alex and Sebrina reached safety outside, they waited a

few minutes, “Here’s your bike, go home and don’t come back here again.” Said Sebrina.

Alex rode home on his bike, in the distance Alex could here gun shots.

Then a scream.

Then silence.   




Eventually, Alex arrived at J.B Stryker’s Scrapyard, however, looking around, he almost regretted coming. In front of his eyes lay: cars, with windows, shattered, leaving glass coating the floor; unusual metal scraps that came in strange shapes and sizes; and heavy machinery, devouring cars with one crush of its monstrous claw. The acrid, bitter smell of diesel with the taste of smoke, drifted into Alex’s nostrils, making his eyes rapidly stream. Quickly, he wiped his arm across his face and entered the centre of the scrapyard. 

As he brushed his wavy, blonde hair aside, he noticed a strangely familiar BMW. Could it be? Had he just uncovered the life-changing truth? Could it have been his uncle’s car? No, it wouldn’t have been. But a strange feeling in the back of his mind told him it was. So he went to check anyway. Then he saw the plate. It really was Ian’s car! He couldn’t believe it. the hope in him began to rise. Until he saw a horrific sight. Alex’s gut began to wrench. The saliva left his mouth and he began to breathe very heavily. There were golden bullet shells scattered along the floor and there were holes in the car. The tiny, razor bullets with blood smeared all over them, were engraved into the door of the BMW. Anger filled his veins. Why would the police lie? Questions bubbled in his head. 

 All of a sudden, there was the sound of rummaging behind him. Then, a man about forty came out from behind a pile of rusty old cars. He had a black beard and scruffy hair. There was a long scar running down his face from his eye to his lips. The clothes he wore had red stains and rips in it. “what are you doing here kid?” he asked curiously. His name was Jasper Raitch and his voice was like thunder. Alex was in turmoil on the inside but showed no expression on the outside. He began to worry. Sweat dripped from his head like rain. “Um…erm…er,” spluttered Alex.

Blood drained from his face…

He became as cold as ice…

“You’ve got to get out of here,” frowned Jasper. He pursed his lips. “They’re not all friendly.” Alex slowly turned around so that he was facing Jasper. “You’re Alex. Ian rider’s son?” he asked.

“Nephew,” replied Alex quickly.

“I was a great friend of Ian,” smirked Jasper. “I’ll show you the way out, Alex.”

Alex nodded, relieved. It may sound stupid but he thought he was going to die. 

Alex followed Jasper to the main entrance, but all of a sudden, Jasper pushed a large red button, that was stuck to a wooden door of a cabin. Then, there was a faint voice in the distance saying, “kill ‘im!” Alex jumped to the ground followed by a forward roll. All of the men (including Jasper) got out shotguns and began to shoot. Alex threw a punch at one of the men’s jaw. There was a cracking sound and the man dramatically fell to the floor. Without warning, a crane began dropping heavy metal objects to try and hit Alex. Unexpectedly, Jasper announced, “I killed Ian Rider!” The whole scrapyard went quiet.

Then silent.

Alex was scared. In fact, he was terrified. If his uncle didn’t survive, how would he? Then, in a blink of an eye, Jasper pounced onto Alex like a panther leaping on a helpless gazelle. Alex struggled to control his body that was currently being thrown to the floor. “Get of me!” cried Alex. All of the infuriated men pulled him to his feet. “You think you’re sooo strong but all you is, is a little brat,” panted Jasper, whilst baring his yellow teeth. He punched Alex in the jaw as Alex was being held by the clutch of the other men. His eyes began to water and he choked on his [own blood. Right behind Jasper there was a hole of rubbish being crushed with heavy machinery. Now was the chance. Alex kicked Jasper back and then struggled his way out of the muscly men. Then he kicked.

Then a punch.

Then both.

All of the men collapsed to the floor. Alex slowly rotated his head to face Jasper. He wasn’t in the hole. “oh, Alex, ”Jasper started. “ I feel sorry for you.” He got out a pistol and aimed it at Alex. With little emotion he said, “bye Alex.”

He shot.

Didn’t work.

Shot again.

Still nothing.

“Damn,” muttered Jasper.

One of the other men rose from the floor. He aimed his gun at Alex. “hey kid!” grunted the man whilst wiping blood that oozed from his gum, onto his lip. Alex turned around.


The man shot.

Alex was on the ground, hands over his head. Jasper, however, stood still and looked like he was going to be sick. He had a red dot planted on his chest. Increasing its size by the second. He took a deep breath, then collapsed into the hole of rubbish being crushed. The man who killed him was horrified. Alex jumped to his feet. Terrified, the men ran as their leader was defeated. Two of the other men beat the man who killed Jasper down. But kept running. Alex looked in the hole only to see Jasper being ripped to pieces. He jumped back, covering his eyes, not wanting to look. Strangely, Alex heard faint beeping somewhere else in the scrapyard.

And it hit him.

An almighty explosion. Alex was blown off his feet, straight into the BMW. He winced. Glass rained onto his head. Blood curtained his clothes, soaking him. He had smashed his head so hard that everything went dark. The last thing he faintly saw were flashing blue lights. And he heard sirens. Then…