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The Howard Partnership Trust is a growing family of 13 schools in the South East of England. Our family includes Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and welcomes any school that shares our values and commitment to Bringing out the Best in each and every one of our children and young people. Visit website

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Our School Day

It is important that children arrive on time for school each morning.

Teachers will greet children in the playground at the start of each morning and bring them into class. All children are expected to be in class ready for registration at 8.45am. The end of the day is staggered for each school phase.

At the end of the day, children should be collected from the playground. Gates will be opened at 3pm to allow parents entrance to the school site ready for collection. Nursery children will be brought out to parents by the Nursery staff.

8:30 am

Gates open

8:45 am

Registers are taken

10:30 am



Nursery Lunch


Reception Lunch


Years 1 & 2 Lunch


Years 3-6 Lunch

1:15 pm 

Afternoon Registration


End of day for Nursery Class

3:00 pm

End of School day for Reception Class


End of day for Year 1 & Year 2. All pupils to be collected from playground

3:10 pm

End of School day - Years, 3, 4, 5 and 6. All pupils to be collected from playground

There is an assembly each day in the school hall

Day Assembly Lead by Time
Monday Whole School Values Assembly Principal/Assistant Principal 8.50am
Tuesday Class/Key stage Teachers 8.50am
Wednesday Team point/Learning Behaviours Team Captains/Teachers 8.50am
Thursday Singing Teachers 8.50am
Friday Celebration Assembly Principal 8.50am