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Jubilee Centre - Cherry Tree Class & Lime Tree Class


The Jubilee Centre is a Centre provision within the mainstream setting of Cuddington Community Primary School for pupupils primarily with autism (ASD). The Centre is an integral part of the school, offering 14 places from Reception to Year 6 children with Communication and Interaction Needs. Children are supported by class teachers and assistants throughout the day.

The provision is made up of two classes and an outdoor area:

  • Reception and Key Stage 1 class (Cherry Tree Class)
  • Key Stage 2 Class (Lime Tree Class)



The Jubilee Centre operates fully in the morning and is organised as follows:

  • Morning work such as fine motor skills activities, peer reading, maths and literacy tasks
  • Good morning circle time – which also gives children the opportunity to express how they feel through the use of the Zones of Regulation
  • Literacy session – inc. Little Wandle Phonics, Talk for Writing activities, reading comprehension using Colourful Semantics, Blank Level Questions etc.
  • Maths session – inc. Maths no Problem activities and TEACCH tasks

 In order to meet the specific needs of each child we offer:

  • A Continuous Provision set up for Reception children
  • Regular movement and sensory breaks through the use of our sensory room, outdoor area and sensory circuit.
  • PE/Occupational Therapy weekly sessions which aim at developing children’s gross motor skills
  • Speech and Language Therapy sessions
  • Attention Autism sessions

Strategies aimed at specific children’s needs e.g. Socially Speaking groups, Dyslexia Gold reading practice. 

The children who access the Jubilee Centre integrate into their mainstream classes in the afternoon. This allows children to access other curriculum subjects such as Science, RE, History etc. It also allows them to develop their language and social skills by forming age-appropriate friendships. They also have the opportunity to mix in with mainstream peers at playtime and lunchtime and access the school playground and play equipment.

The Jubilee Centre also functions in the afternoon to provide some pupils with targeted interventions. These include, for instance, phonics reinforcement groups, maths consolidation lessons as well as handwriting skills and sentence building sessions.


The Jubilee Centre offers a broad range of teaching and learning strategies aimed at each child’s specific needs. As a result, this enables children to:

  • extend their language, communication and social interaction skills,
  • improve their attention and listening skills
  • develop their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • become successful learners and integrate in mainstream classes
  • successfully transition to a number of different secondary settings such as specialist settings, secondary schools with a COIN provision and mainstream secondary schools with specialist provision. 

 Working with parents

Communication between the Jubilee Centre and home is vital to ensure the development and well-being of each child. In that respect,

  • Each child has a home/school book
  • The Jubilee Centre team is regularly in contact with parents and can always be found in the playground before and after school
  • Parents are invited to a ‘coffee morning’ at the beginning of the academic year
  • Parent consultation meetings that take place on a regular basis. However, parents are always welcome to come and have a discussion with the Centre teachers.
  • Annual Review meetings take place each year in order to discuss children’s progress
  • Parents are frequently invited to school events such as Sports Day etc.
  • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school throughout the year. Please telephone or email first to arrange a convenient time.

Curriculum Information

Provision Map

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