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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Cuddington Community Primary strives to promote equal opportunities for all its pupils, ensuring that every pupil achieves their very best in a nurturing, caring environment. Our staff know the needs of each one of our pupils and we work in partnership with parents to ensure that Inclusion is at the heart of the school.

Ofsted defines an educationally inclusive school as one in which the teaching and learning; achievements, attitudes and well being of every young person matter. The nationally recognised Inclusion Quality Mark recognises schools that  are able to evaluate and measure how they are performing in their inclusion journey and in January 2015 Cuddington became a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion receiving the Inclusion Quality Award.

During our review, in March 2018, as a Centre of Excellence the assessor was so impressed with our excellent practice on inclusion and the sharing of good practice with other schools that the Flagship School status was awarded. We join one of only around 100 schools in the UK with this status and are very proud that we are the only primary in Surrey to have achieved this.

During the review, the assessor highlighted how the school works in close partnership with parents and provides workshops for them on various aspects of the curriculum, such as Singapore Maths. Our parents spoke very highly of the school and the exceptional support it provides pupils with SEND.  One parent commented that ‘they have very high expectations’ and another said she liked the way the school and parents work together on the children’s targets stating ‘They know what suits each child, it feels right, it’s not them and us’ whilst another parent said ‘All the children in the school know each other and they are all very accepting of differences’.

The report stated that ‘The school has very high expectations of its pupils who are nurtured and cared for on an individual basis by all staff’.  All the children at Cuddington Community Primary take part in lunchtime clubs which strengthens their relationships and further develops the inclusive ethos. Pupils were keen to articulate their enjoyment of learning and the school values, with one pupil saying ‘We do our best at everything’, and another saying ‘It’s probably one of the friendliest schools in the world’. The assessor was also impressed with the excellent integration of pupils from the Jubilee Centre into mainstream lessons where appropriate.

The school was praised for its ‘very interesting developmental work’ to ensure strategies meet the needs of pupils and The Howard Partnership Trust was also commended for allowing its schools to keep their unique features whilst providing them with support and consistency around strategies and systems.

 As a Flagship School, Cuddington is very proud to have met the following criteria:

 Our Head of School, Mr  Herdman, says “I am proud to lead Cuddington Community Primary School, it is such a fantastic community, where every member of staff is committed to bring out the best in its children and staff. The school is made even more fantastic by its diversity and passion for inclusion.”