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Religious Education (RE)

The RE Curriculum at Cuddington

Cuddington Community Primary School will “Bring out the Best” in our pupils by providing a language rich and diverse experience both within and beyond the classroom. Our flexible approach enables everyone to thrive personally and academically, overcome challenges and prepare them for lifelong learning. 

This is reflected in our curriculum approach to learning RE, using the aims set out in Development Matters (2021) and the National Curriculum (2014) as frameworks for how we map content, ensure progression in knowledge and sequence our units of work.  

Intent, Implementation, Impact

It is our goal at Cuddington Community Primary School to deliver a high-quality RE education that gives children the foundations they need to understand the value of RE in all aspects of life. We place great emphasis on the appropriate knowledge, skills and subject-specific vocabulary to be successful and ready for the next stage of their education and into their future lives.  

Our Religious Education promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It is a study and exploration of religion and beliefs that have shaped and continue to shape our world. It encourages  pupils to express and articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences whilst respecting the beliefs and views of others.   

Cuddington Community Primary School uses a high-quality curriculum from Agreed Surrey Syllabus for EYFS-KS2 and have developed a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of our children. It provides the right balance between substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge, which supports teaching, learning and assessment. 


Our Religious Education includes the study of the Bible and other sacred texts, stories, artefacts, lived experiences, art and music. It is an exploration of the influence of religions and  beliefs on individuals, cultures  and communities. This is  achieved  by  expressing knowledge and understanding  using creativity, dialogue  and reflection to explore  and understand  feelings, values and the wider world. We support pupils in developing their own sense of identity and belonging, enabling them to flourish as engaged, respectful  citizens in a diverse world.   

KS1 and KS2 Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Christianity: The Creator

Christianity: The Nativity

Judaism: The Torah

Christianity: Stories of Jesus

Islam: Muslim Families

Theme: Why do people tell stories?

Year 2

Christianity: God

Christianity: Giving

Islam: Allah

Christianity: Jesus the Saviour

Judaism: Shabbat

Theme: Is it better to give or receive?

Year 3

Judaism: Important times

Christianity: Artists

Christianity: The Big Story

Islam: Ibadah

Christianity: Good News

Theme: How do people use creativity to express belief?

Year 4

Christianity: God’s Promise

Christianity: God’s Kingdom

Christianity: Communion

Humanism: New life

Sikhism: Values

Theme: Why do people make promises?

Year 5

Christianity: Church

Judaism: Synagogue

Christianity: Rescue

Hinduism: Worship

Christianity: Creation

Theme: How did it all begin?

Year 6

Christianity: Three and One

Christianity: Messiah

Buddhism: Way of Life

Christianity: God’s Kingdom

Islam: Living a good life

Theme: Who am I and where do I belong?